Music is one of the most important factors of a wedding.  At times, it can make a wedding even better or it could make it worse.

Music isn’t something you want to wait till the last minute to book, or to go “cheap.”  Take the time to research different entertainment companies, bands or DJ’s.  Try to find websites where previous customers have feedback.  Set up a meeting with them so you can get a feel of how they will fit in with your wedding.

Once you have chosen a band or DJ, sit down with your significant other and take the time to discuss your playlist.

Here are a few steps on picking the perfect playlist:

  1. Make sure it fits with the theme or feel of your wedding.
  2. Make sure the timing is right – start the night off with older style music so your older guests can enjoy some dancing!
  3. Talk with the DJ to discuss the type of music you like – if you hate rap, make sure your DJ is aware of that so he doesn’t spend half the night playing rap!
  4. Decide if you will allow requests.  A good idea if you want to allow them is to put pieces of paper on each table allowing guests to write down music requests and give them to the DJ.
  5. Make sure to set aside music that needs to be played at a certain time throughout the reception, i.e. cake cutting, bouquet tossing.
  6. Pick songs to “fill the floor.”  The DJ should have a good list of these but there are always popular songs that will easily get people off their seats and onto the dance floor.
  7. Remember to choose songs that you want to dance to.  There may be a ton of songs that you really enjoy listening to, but if you can’t dance to them, they shouldn’t be on the play list.
  8. Choose a wide range of genres.  As much as you love country music, not everyone will and you have a lot of guests to accommodate.  Choose music from all genres and decades to keep everyone dancing!

Feel free to add your tips on how you compile your perfect playlist in the comments below! 

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