Wedding entertainment is what helps create the overall mood and atmosphere. Imagine sitting in a reception hall waiting for the bride and groom enter as a new married couple in silence. The awkwardness of walking in without a beat or sense that the party has begun would be a nightmare. There is an importance to having music in all types of situations, especially celebratory ones. For wedding entertainment there are ways to choose exactly what is right for you and your special wedding day.

Consider the amount of guests you have planned to attend your wedding. The wedding entertainment should be significantly different from a 50-person guest list to a 200-person guest list. If you have a smaller guest list, try not to over bear your guests with tons of musicians and excitement where it will already feel low-key. A DJ for a small wedding works so the one on one relationship is easier achieved within the music. For a larger guest list the wedding entertainment should be more elaborate. Consider full bands that can interact more with the guests so no one feels left out. It is a good idea to have a smaller DJ to perform between sets so there is no awkward silence. For all guest list sizes, an instrumentalist should be hired for the ceremony and cocktail hour. Instrumentalists are great for wedding entertainment because they can play a great variety of songs. Having live music while walking down the aisle can create an incredible moment between your guests and spouse. Furthermore having music during the cocktail hour eases any tension and lets guests relax and talk with each other.

Another consideration for wedding entertainment is location. The place of your wedding should define the type of music at your wedding. For example, a beach wedding is relaxing and not uptight. Having a band playing airy music and simple dance music important. Having ballroom music or crazy hairband songs wouldn’t fit and make your guests confused. The music entertainment must go with the atmosphere. A fun downtown wedding should perhaps have sleek jazz band instead of a general DJ. But don’t be ashamed of just opting for a DJ to play an assortment of music at your wedding either. If you were getting married in town at a local reception hall with all your friends and family, a DJ to relate to all types of people and genres would be great.

Wedding entertainment should be high on the list of priorities when planning the special day. Creating a positive, loving atmosphere for your guests is important to make everyone feel welcome. Music forms memories for a lifetime so take the time to choose between the many options available. From full bands to DJs to instrumentalists, decide what is right for your wedding with the influence of your guest list and location.

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