To start off, I think it’s important that everyone should hire either a DJ or a live band! It is way too risky to try to handle the music yourself. You have to get someone to play all the right songs at the right time, plus try to make sure your guests don’t just go up to the iPod and start changing songs themselves!

Let’s discuss DJ’s first. Definitely research as much as you can because there are a lot of DJ’s out there that just do it on the side and it’s not really their passion. Find a DJ who is really passionate about music and about making your event a success. This DJ will have really good reviews and will want to meet with you in person beforehand. They will have a wide selection of songs and will ask you lots of questions to find out your personal music style! A DJ can make your event a huge success; they can even act as your MC. They can sense when people don’t like the songs and will change to an upbeat popular song that ensures everyone will head to the dance floor. They will play all the chosen songs at exactly the right time, for example for the bouquet toss or cake cutting! But with a DJ, you lose the party atmosphere of a live band.

A live band can really make an event. It’s still unique as not everyone is doing it, but there are a lot of cover bands out there that are affordable and great! A live band creates a really fun atmosphere, there is nothing better than a full band rocking out at your party!

A DJ will have a wide range of different music while a band will likely stick to one or two genres. Depending on the band, they may need to take a break every now and then while a DJ can keep the music playing all night! But a live band is definitely a wow factor and something that will really impress your guests!

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